Auchendinny Woodturners

About 10 years ago I retired from being a project manager in the oil industry and decided that being an engineer I had to do something with my hands as for many years all I did was make plans and give orders. At this time my wife suggested working with wood as it is a live medium and all I was used to was metal and the like who were static materials.

I decided to take up woodturning as it gave me a nice bit of engineering style but also introduced me to my artistic side. I did this and really enjoyed it to the extent some of my friend wanted to come and see what this was all about and from there our little club was formed and as we found out we all had very strong links with Auchendinny.

So we formed the Auchendinny Woodturners with the aim to produce nice forms from as much local wood as we could and of course have fun in the process. To date we have made a large variety of items with the majority from local woods but like everything else we found it totally impossible to stick solely to local wood especially when we had decided we would only use fallen or storm damaged wood.

We still continue to use local wood as much as we can but also use some of the nicer hardwoods and are just now using some olive wood that has been selected from storm damaged wood from Spain, George, Davie and Dod.

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