Hamish Kidd Green Wood Handcrafts

I make and sell practical wooden war​es, made from Scottish hardwoods. I intend everything I make to be long-lasting, suited to everyday use and easy on the eye.

Nothing I make will cost the earth, in either sense.

I source my materials from gardens, tree surgeons and community groups in order to minimize my carbon footprint by using materials that would otherwise be chipped, burnt or left to rot.
I design around the small volumes of wood I have available. I avoid waste by using crooked branches and squeezing smaller utensils out of offcuts.
I work them with hand tools: an axe, a carving knife, a crook knife and a handsaw.
I decorate with simple scandinavian designs using chip-carving and kolrosing with ground bark.
I use an online presence to save on paper and printing.
My prices reflect what it costs me to make and sell products. I aim for my prices to be reasonable and competitive.

My business is ethical and environmentally conscious. I offer wooden spoons, bowls, cups and spreaders as a realistic substitute for plastic and metal in the long-term.

Email:          hkidd@hotmail.co.uk

Facebook: @Hamishhandcraft

Instagram: @hamish_kidd

Etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Hamishhandcrafts

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