Pentland BIOMASS

Scotland’s experienced provider of wood fuel and wood fuel heating systems. We will be selling logs and kindling and have some crackin’ deals on show days.

Pentland Biomass have become members of The Association of Scottish Hardwood Sawmillers since we appeared at the show last year.

We have extended our range of products too.  We are now selling hardwood logs in quantities ranging from nets to artic loads!  So if you need a 1m3 bag or 8m3 trailer, we have that covered.  Our timber is locally sourced and kiln dried on our drying floors here at Pentland Biomass.  Kiln drying the logs makes for a better and more consistent burn.  The logs themselves are mostly beech, ash, sycamore and birch.

We also sell pellets for biomass boilers which are delivered locally for a reduced fee if bought is twos.

Telephone:     0131 440 7949



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